Jurors deadlocked in Espada's embezzlement trial

New York Post
by Mitchel Maddux and Dan Mangan
May 9, 2012

They're deadlocked!

Jurors in the embezzlement trial of ex-Bronx state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. told a judge today that they cannot reach a unanimous verdict on the charges against Espada and his son, Pedro Gautier Espada, in Brooklyn federal court.

"To the honorable Judge Block," the jurors wrote in a note to Judge Frederic Block. "We the jurors have determined after eight days of deliberations cannot arrive at a unanimous decision concerning the defendants Pedro Espada Jr. and Pedro G. Espada."

After receiving the note, Block requested that prosecutors and the Espadas' lawyers assemble in the courtroom, where he is expected to issue a so-called "Allen charge" to the jurors. An Allen charge is a formal statement to jurors urging them to listen to each other and do their best to reach a consensus about the criminal charges.

Espada, the former majority leader of the state Senate, and his son are accused of looting the elder Espada's federally-supported Bronx charity, Soundview Healthcare Network, to the tune of $500,000 by having the non-profit foot their bills for lavish personal expenses that were later claimed to be business-related.

Judge Gripes At Arguing Attorneys In Espada Embezzlement Trial

NY1 News
May 7, 2012 10:14 PM

There appeared to be some friction Monday between the judge and the attorneys in the federal embezzlement case against former State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.

Judge Frederic Block said the lawyers for both sides were acting like children. He also asked Espada's attorney if there was any way he could put a muzzle on her.

The attorneys were arguing about how to respond to the jury's request for information about the relationship between Espada's health care clinic and his janitorial company.

Federal prosecutors say Espada stole more than a half-million dollars from the clinic. The jury has been deliberating since last week. Espada faces up to 15 years in prison if convicted.

Mounting problems for Espada jury threaten to overtake trial

New York Post
by Mitchel Maddux
May 7, 2012

The mounting problems inside the jury room at former New York state Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada's corruption trial are overshadowing the start of the panel's second week behind closed doors and could result in a deadlock, if jurors are unable to reach an unanimous verdict, experts say.

Last week, notes sent out by the 12-member jury panel cataloged bitter accusations and counter-accusations that include charges that a lone juror has "refused to be open to deliberations" and another claim that no one has ever refused to deliberate on the embezzlement case leveled against the Bronx Democrat.

The bad blood has produced heated arguments, raised voices, profanity, insults and allegations of outright bullying, as the two-month long corruption trial in Brooklyn federal court nears the point of either resolution or outright implosion.

Heated emotions inside jury rooms have plenty of precedent, legal experts say, but the problems have reached a stage where Judge Frederic Block may be faced with two difficult choices if the panel cannot come to an agreement on the evidence.

Ethics Panel Fines Espada $80,000

New York Times
by Danny Hakim
May 4, 2012

Former State Senator Pedro Espada Jr. was ordered to pay $80,000 on Friday by the New York State Legislative Ethics Commission, which said he had violated state law by hiring his uncle.

The judgment, comprising a $10,000 fine and $70,000 in restitution, is the largest ever assessed by the commission, a self-policing body run by lawmakers that rarely takes any action at all, and the latest in a string of legal troubles for Mr. Espada.

Mr. Espada has few friends left in Albany, three years after throwing the leadership of the Senate into chaos after he allied with Republicans and spearheaded an attempted coup against his fellow Democrats. He is currently on trial in federal court, accused of embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from a nonprofit health care network to support his lavish lifestyle.

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Jurors fight during deliberations in Espada trial

New York Post
by Mitchel Maddux, Kevin Sheehan and Dan Mangan
May 4, 2012, 5 PM

Ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr.'s embezzlement trial today again turned tumultuous as a jurors told the judge that another juror has "screamed, cursed” and called a third juror names – and earlier had vowed that "deliberations better not take more than one day."

"It feels hostile and . . . being bullied due to different views,” the juror wrote in a bombshell note to Brooklyn federal court Judge Frederic Block.

The note comes two days after several jurors told Block that one juror had "refused" to deliberate about the criminal charges against the former Bronx political powerhouse Espada since virtually the start of deliberations last Monday.

Pedro jury knuckles down after scolding

New York Post
by Mitchel Maddux and Dan Mangan
May 4, 2012

Back to work! Deliberating jurors in the embezzlement trial of former Bronx political powerhouse Pedro Espada Jr. yesterday reviewed a slew of evidence after the judge admonished at least one of them to keep an open mind.

“You cannot say, ‘I’m not going to deliberate,’ ” Brooklyn federal court Judge Frederic Block told the 12 jurors, a day after receiving a note saying that one of the panelists had “refused to be open to deliberations.”

“No one said it would be easy,” Block told the jurors, who will decide whether to convict the ex-state senator and his son of looting the Bronx-based, taxpayer-funded Soundview Healthcare Network of $500,000 by having the nonprofit pay their personal expenses.

Judge declines to put wrap on Pedro's yap

New York Daily News
by John Marzulli
May 3, 2012

Pedro Espada Jr. has gotten a judge's okay to hold press conferences outside courthouse.

Federal prosecutors tried ­ and failed ­ to put a muzzle on Pedro Espada Jr. on Thursday while a jury deliberates embezzlement charges against the ex-state senator.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Roger Burlingame ­ seeking to put a stop to Espada’s press conferences outside the Brooklyn courthouse ­ alerted the judge that jurors could be exposed to Espada’s comments at a sensitive stage in the seven-week trial.

But Judge Frederic Block refused to tell Espada to shut up. “I think he’s entitled to have all the press conferences he wants,” Block said. “My job is to make sure the jury doesn't hear about it.”

Judge urges Espada jury to work together after panel reveals holdout refuses to deliberate

New York Post
by Mitchel Maddux
May 3, 2012

A judge today gave jurors a pep talk, pleading with them to hash out their differences in the trial of ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr.

Following complaints that one mule-like panelist was holding up deliberations, Brooklyn federal Judge Frederic Block told jurors “to be open minded,” in hopes all 12 can agree whether the disgraced lawmaker and son Pedro Gautier Espada looted hundreds of thousands of dollars from the federally-supported Soundview Healthcare Network.

Late yesterday, several jurors sent Block a note, telling him one of their own had “refused” to deliberate.

Pedro Espada's trial grinds to halt; 1 juror 'refusing' to deliberate

New York Post
by Mitchel Maddux, Frank Rosario and Dan Mangan
May 2, 2012

This hard-head could hang Pedro’s jury.

Ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr.’s federal embezzlement trial screeched to a halt today after the jury revealed that one of its 12 members has “refused” to deliberate from the very beginning.

“We have a sticky wicket here,” quipped Brooklyn federal court Judge Frederic Block, after being told ­ for the second day in a row ­ that the jury had a mule-like member.

“One juror is allegedly not engaging in deliberations.”

Block received a note signed by several jurors, who said: “After five or 10 minutes from day one of deliberations, one of the jurors refused to be open to deliberations and announced that the juror’s mind was made up.”

Soundview HealthCare Network in the Bronx stops seeing patients

Network founder Pedro Espada Jr. is facing corruption accusations
New York Daily News
by John Marzulli, Daniel Beekman and Larry McShane
May 2, 2012

The Soundview HealthCare Network, which authorities say was looted of $500,000 by founder Pedro Espada Jr., is on the verge of financially flatlining.

With its doctors, nurses and other employees already missing their last two paychecks and medical supplies in short supply, the clinic stopped treating patients this week.

“Now I have to take my daughter to the emergency room,” said a frustrated Hilda Rodriguez, 32, after bringing her 8-year-old daughter to the Bronx clinic Tuesday with an ear infection.

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Espada's staff has a problem with the site

Espada's intimidation continues

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ISP Responds to Espada and Norreida Reyes attempt to quash Free Speech

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