Feds Want Revoked Bail & Jail For Pedro Espada

New York Daily News
by Celeste Katz
September 19, 2012

Forgive me for not getting to this earlier, but our John Marzulli reports federal prosecutors have asked a judge to revoke the bail of convicted ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. and toss him in jail for violating the terms of his release.

Espada was convicted last May of stealing more than $400,000 from the Soundview Healthcare Network he founded, prompting Judge Frederic Block to bar him from participating in the affairs of the Bronx clinics.

In a letter to the judge, prosecutors revealed that Espada and members of his family have been draining Soundview's remaining assets. It was sold to the Institute for Family Health for $600,000 in June.

Feds out to pile dirt on Espada

New York Post
by Bruce Golding
September 12, 2012

He’s going on trial for tax evasion this time around, but the feds want jurors to learn all about the corruption of crooked ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr.

In court papers, prosecutors say they should be allowed to show how the Bronx Democrat and his son scammed hundreds of thousands of dollars from their nonprofit Soundview medical clinics to pay for “lavish parties” and other personal expenses. “Evidence of these schemes is intertwined with evidence of the defendants’ willful commission of the charged [tax] crimes,” the Manhattan federal-court filing says.

Pedro judge: No delays

New York Post
by Bruce Golding
August 25, 2012

An impatient judge yesterday told prosecutors to “forget about” adding extra charges to the tax-evasion case against crooked ex-pol Pedro Espada Jr. and his son ­ insisting their trial will start as scheduled in November.

“You indicted the Espadas back in December of 2010,” Manhattan federal Judge William Pauley III said. “I’m not going to countenance further delays.”

Pauley also ordered prosecutors to pare down their list of 103 potential witnesses, saying he wouldn’t allow testimony from “more than 25 to 30, max.”

Prosecutor Roger Burlingame countered that some witnesses only needed about five or 10 minutes on the stand to provide crucial evidence about the Espadas’ alleged tax scam.

Espada’s 400G still missing

New York Post
by Erik Kriss and Bruce Golding
July 24, 2012

Crooked ex-pol Pedro Espada Jr. scraped up enough dough to hire a new lawyer yesterday ­ even as The Post learned that he still has not accounted for nearly $400,000 in campaign cash.

The disgraced Bronx Democrat (pictured), who’s awaiting sentencing for looting the health-care nonprofit he founded, went to Manhattan federal court with his new mouthpiece after refusing to sign a financial affidavit needed to qualify for free representation on related tax charges.

“You have to file it if you say you’re indigent. He’s not indigent,” said his new lawyer, Daniel Hochheiser, outside court.

Records show three Espada campaign committees had $372,320.94 in the bank the last time they filed reports with the state Board of Elections.

With Pedro Espada Jr.’s clinic gone, two new clinics open in Soundview

Bronx Times
by David Cruz
July 19, 2012

While one health care provider takes over disgraced former Senator Pedro Espada’s now defunct Soundview Health Center, another clinic has set up shop just blocks away.

Urban Health Plan, a staple in the south Bronx for 40 years, opened its doors July 12 at the Bruckner Plaza strip mall, a four-minute walk from the old clinic, now dubbed the Stevenson Health Center and run by The Institute for Family Health.

But both sides agree there’s “plenty of work to go around.”

“The Institute is welcomed to practice here,” said Paloma Izquierdo Hernandez, president and CEO of Urban Health Plan. “The community will luck out in having two providers.”

Judge orders Espada to answer finance questions

New York Post
by Bruce Golding
July 9, 2012

A fed-up judge ordered crooked ex-pol Pedro Espada Jr. to spill his guts about his cash flow after the former state senator claimed that he can’t afford a lawyer to represent him on tax-fraud charges. “He can’t simply say he declines to answer questions about his finances, especially now since he’s seeking to have the public pay,” Manhattan federal Judge William Pauley III said today.

Pauley urged the fallen Bronx Democrat to exercise “caution” in filing an affidavit and “making a statement to a federal official,” before adding: “But that’s up to him.” Pauley also expressed skepticism about what could have changed in the month since Espada -- who’s awaiting sentencing for stealing more than $480,000 from a healthcare non-profit -- said he was shopping for a new lawyer.

Espada told the judge he’d met with about six firms, but hadn’t been able to cut a deal. Outside court, he complained bitterly that “$800 an hour is cheap” for New York City lawyers, noting: “The bottom line is, I’m unemployed.”

Ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. has nada for lawyer

New York Daily News
Disgraced majority leader convicted of looting $600G from Soundview Health Clinic in Bronx can't find an attorney 'who's quoted him a fee that he can afford,' public defender tells court
by Janon Fisher
July 9, 2012

Disgraced Bronx state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr., who embezzled nearly half a million dollars in federal money from a health clinic he ran, now says he’s too poor to afford a lawyer.

The former majority leader, convicted in May for using the Soundview Health Clinic as his personal pig trough, is now facing charges of tax evasion and wants a Manhattan federal judge to allow taxpayers to fund his defense for federal tax evasion charges.

“He has been unable to find (a lawyer) who’s quoted him a fee that he can afford,” said Jeffrey Pittell, a public defender who is hoping the judge approves the request.

Delay in Pedro trial

New York Post
by Mitchel Maddux, Douglas Montero
June 22, 2012

Disgraced ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. will have to wait until next year to be retried on charges of ripping off his Bronx health-care network ­ which could be shut down a lot sooner than that after a damning court decision yesterday.

Espada was told by a Brooklyn federal court judge that his retrial on charges related to stealing from Soundview Healthcare Network will be held in March 2013, after his Manhattan federal-court trial for tax crimes related to the swindling, which starts in November.

He faces up to 40 years in prison on the charges for which he was already convicted.

Facing trials for embezzlement and tax charges, Pedro Gautier Espada says taxpayers should pay for his legal expenses

New York Daily News
Jury couldn't reach verdict last month on charges Gautier embezzled funds from his father's Bronx nonprofit, Soundview Health Center
by John Marzulli
June 21, 2012

Facing trails for embezzlement and tax charges, the son of piggy pol Pedro Espada is pleading poverty.

Pedro Gautier Espada wants taxpayers to foot the bill for his legal defense in both cases.

The request came Thursday from Sabrina Shroff of the Manhattan federal defenders office, but Brooklyn Federal Judge Frederic Block immediately applied the brakes.

“An affidavit has to be submitted that he’s bereft of funds,” Block said. “We have to hear from your client that he’s entitled to (court-appointed) representation.”

Espada’s pal rebels

New York Post
by Mitchel Maddux, Dan Mangan
June 18, 2012

One of Pedro Espada’s most fervent supporters has finally said enough is enough.

For 15 years, Monica Harris-Coleman was an Espada family friend who worked on the former state Senate majority leader’s staff and eventually became board chairwoman of his Soundview Healthcare Services.

But within days of Espada’s conviction for embezzling half a million dollars from the nonprofit, Harris-Coleman assembled Soundview’s board to announce that she wanted Espada and sons Pedro Gautier and Alejandro to quit the clinic.

“I wanted their resignation,” Harris-Coleman told The Post. Last month, Soundview was running out of money, unable to provide a wide range of basic medical services, and was forced to turn away a number of people seeking treatment after being cut off from Medicaid reimbursement.

“The changing of the tide for me happened when I saw what was happening to the patients. It made me sick to my stomach,” Harris-Coleman said. Late last week ­ in what she views as an act of retribution ­ the members voted her off the board.

Espada Thuggery

Why is Pedro Espada and his in-house thug Norreida Reyes trying to shut down this site? Many Democrats won't acknowledge that Espada is more like them than they would like to admit.

Was Espada's use of government staff in an effort to shut down this web site illegal?

Espada's staff has a problem with the site

Espada's intimidation continues

Espada's cronies confused

ISP Responds to Espada and Norreida Reyes attempt to quash Free Speech

This Doesn't pass the Giggle Test: She calls this site "hate speech"

And with that, we haven't heard a peep from Espada or Ms. Reyes for many months. Perhaps more pressing issues took precedence, like keeping her job now that Pedro Espada is headed to obscurity.

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